Thursday, December 29, 2011

Inaccuracies in Sarawak Report Article

Kharleen Tashman aka Stella did not start her influence on taib upon the death of laila (taibs wife) as per Sarawak Report article, "Raziah's Blond Bomoh 'Bewitched Taib'!" dated 22/3/2011.  Robert Geneid 'sourced' Stella from his hometown Sydney in 2002.  Stella is in actual fact Robert Geneid's cousin.  Robert Geneid's mother is Jewish.

Ever since getting married to Raziah in 1988, Robert Geneid has been finding ways to manipulate taib.  In taib's toughest political storm of 1987, sister Aisah Mahmud, brothers Onn Mahmud, Ali Mahmud and Arip Mahmud carried all of the family burden to help taib.  Needless to say Raziah Mahmud and Robert Geneid are not even around.  Because of the jasa dan khidmat of these 4 siblings taib heard their advice.  Robert Geneid first priority is to break this trust that taib has on his 4 siblings that helped him in his greatest time of need.

Hasut is the first strategy used by Robert Geneid to 'pecah sirratulrahim' between taib and his siblings.  Robert Geneid would advise Raziah on what are the 'most effective' poisonous words to whisper to taib about his siblings.  Starting with 'a bit of doubt here' and 'a bit of doubt there' to slowly make taib forget all the jasa and khidmat these 4 siblings have rendered him.

Most of the brothers and sisters of taib live in different parts of kuching far away from taib's residence of Demak Jaya.  Incidentally taib brother Onn Mahmud built his house next to Demak Jaya.  The rest were far away in other parts of kuching.  Robert Geneid strategy number two is location.  Be or live as close as possible to the target.  The target of course is taib.  Hence he asked Raziah to build their house next to Demak Jaya as well.

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